Championing Excellence: Daniel Carrero's Vision as PRO’s Membership Chair






“To make a difference, you have to become part of the system.”

That wisdom is from House to Home Solutions CEO, Daniel Carrero, reflecting on why he joined the PRO Remodeling Organization – and accepted the role of Membership Chair for the Metro DC chapter.

Our Smart Solutions newsletter team sat down with Daniel to learn more about his involvement with this industry organization and his plans for the role this year.

Smart Solutions: Let’s start with the PRO Remodeling Organization (PRO). Who is PRO?

Daniel Carrero: PRO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to being a remodeling resource for remodeling professionals and homeowners. I’m part of PRO Mid Atlantic ‒ specifically the Metro DC Chapter, which has excellent training, knowledge, and networking for local remodeling professionals. It’s also a resource for homeowners to help ensure they select a reputable, knowledgeable contractor for their project. PRO members are the best of the best in our local industry.

SS: Why did you get involved in PRO?

Daniel: I joined PRO in 2022, mainly for the education of my team and to get mentoring from those I admire. We also joined for the networking opportunities with others I consider mentors and colleagues. Lastly, workforce development is important to me. I want to get even more involved with supporting the next generation of remodeling professionals, and being a part of PRO helps me do that. Hopefully, making an impact on the local industry.

SS: Why did you agree to be the Membership Chair?

Daniel: I’ve long believed that to make a difference, you have to become part of the system. This is my first step in getting more involved with PRO – so I can make a difference in our community and industry. Membership is one of the key committees in PRO. Who decides to join makes a big difference in the success of the organization. The more people involved and working together, the more we can improve the benefits and value that PRO delivers to each member.

SS: What do you hope to accomplish in your role?

Daniel: I would like to see more inclusivity of new companies looking for mentorship and education. I would like to see us grow our education benefits. I would love to see us getting more involved with workforce development. We need more people in the trades ‒ especially in residential construction. Most schools are pushing commercial construction, but I want students to know that there are great careers in residential construction, too. If we all work together to make our industry better and more professional, we can make an impact on the image of the industry. Not be seen as a blue-collar stepchild but instead show that there are better companies out there to do business with. Not just the ones you hear horror stories about.

SS: What one thing do you want people to know about you taking on this new role?

Daniel: I truly care about our industry. PRO has an important role to play in bringing out the best in our local remodeling professionals and customers. Working together at PRO, we are only going to improve the industry and set high standards for years to come. By improving the industry, we all win.

SS: Thank you, Daniel, for sharing these insights. We wish you – and the PRO Metro DC Chapter – much success in the year ahead!

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